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  • Boost Frame Protection Kit - Black font
    Whether you are buying the latest and greatest bike for just one season of riding or the bike of your dreams to keep for the long term, Boost Frame Protection Kits will ensure those parts of your bike, which suffer the most damage will be protected. Boost frame protection kits acts as armour for your bike and helps shield it against any scratches, scrapes, stone chips, cable rub, chain slap and light impact damage. PLUS helps keep your bike looking good. Don't settle for second best. Buy the product made by bikers for bikers.

    "Boost ya bike"
    NZ$ 69.95
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
    Isopropyl Alcohol/Rubbing Alcohol for preparation of bike frames or forks prior to installation of frame protection film or can be used for cleaning/disinfecting, cosmetics or personal care.

    Isopropyl Alcohol (99.9%)

    Use; After frame has been washed and dried apply isopropyl alcohol on a rag and wipe bike frame and forks prior to the application of Boost protection film. Allow to dry prior to applying film.

    Can also be used for any other use for personal care and household cleaning. This includes cleaning bites and piercings, eliminating odors, and cleaning & disinfecting surfaces and items within the home
    NZ$ 8.50
  • Chain Lube - Boost Bike Chain Lube
    Boost Chain Lube 100ml
    High quality NZ made bike chain lube suitable for all bikes and conditions. Boost chain lube is an environmentally friendly biodegradable lubricant.

    Proudly made in New Zealand
    NZ$ 18.50
  • Frame Protection & Isopropyl Alcohol
    Frame & Crank protection in one easy to apply kit, plus frame preparation cleaner, 100ml Isopropyl Alcohol.
    NZ$ 77.95
  • Frame Protection, Isopropyl Alcohol & Chain Lube
    The trifecta, buy all three Boost items to receive 10% off retail price.
    NZ$ 86.95