Installation of Boost Frame Protection

1) Ensure your bike frame is clean and free from any contaminants

2) If trimming of product is required, carefully do this while the adhesive is still on the backing.

3) Wipe surfaces with Isopropyl Alcohol prior to application

4) Gently remove protector from sheet, ONLY holding the outer edge.

5) Carefully place one end of product in desired position and slowly let the entire centre piece rest on the frame.

6) Hold in place with both thumbs and gradually press the protector against the frame (from the centre of the protector to the outer edge and from top to the bottom). 

7) Firmly press and rub with your thumbs from the centre to the outside of the protector to remove any air bubbles and ensuring complete adhesion onto your frame. 

Removal of Boost Frame Protection

1) Apply light heat over the protector

2) Start at one end and carefully start pulling the adhesive protection strip off

3) If the protector is hard to remove continue to apply heat while separating the strip

4) Once removed clean away any adhesive residue left on frame with Isopropyl Alcohol 

Chain Lube application

Application – For best results, ensure chain is clean and dry. Vigorously shake bottle,(contents will settle over time), and apply to the inside of chain while turning the cranks. To gain the maximum benefit of the lubricant, allow the application to dry a minimum of 12 hours before cycling. Wipe off excess with a cloth or rag.